Covid-19 Essentials

COVID-19 signage, perspex/UHI sneeze guard, protective screens, counter screens and handle aids.

Reinforce the importance of simple and effective hand washing and hygiene routines to help protect your employees, visitors and wider community. Get the message across at this testing and worrying time with our range of safety signs, hygiene signs and protective screens.

We manufacture, design and create Coronavirus signage for your business. Signage is important no matter what industry you are in and during this unprecedented time, whether your business is temporarily closed, has had a change in services or are looking for Coronavirus related signage.

For example, we are working with clients on ideas including:

  • Perspex/UHI screens on counters which we manufacture in-house and install.
  • Floor graphics which indicate keeping 2m distance in queues.
  • COVID-19 informational signage, either Vinyl stickers, ABS or Photo luminescent backings.

Jalite helps you to encourage customers to step through your door to take a closer look at what you have to offer – alternatively poor signage can result in loss of footfall and a downturn in business.


Ordering is simple. Select the sign, protective screen or handle aid. Select size and quantity. Click on the product images below to read more and to add to your online quote.

Covid-19 Essentials

Covid-19 Stickers & Signage